Who's that girl? It's Jade!

I'm Jade! insehn.

I'm Jade. You can mainly find me anywhere but home. usually i'm at a gig somewhere in the uk. or in america. i have a tendency to go to the states at least once a year to see friends or experience new places or to see bands....

here's some things I quite like:

Glee. Klaine. Swifty. Olly Murs. California. Luke Friend. Michael Clifford. Nashville, TN. Darren Criss. District 3. Gigs. Travelling. Disney! Country music. Fashion. Doctor Who. George Shelley. The Maine. 5S0S. New Girl. One Direction. Little Mix. Cory Monteith <3. Union J. Chris Colfer. Fey/Poehler. Union J. New stamps in my passport. Musicals. Paramore. Tattoos. My Disney tattoos. Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig. The Summer Set. Pop Punk. Harry Styles. How I Met Your Mother. And Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. :)

Walk of fame. :) #hollywood #dodgers #ladodgers #walkoffame (at Hollywood Walk Of Fame)

Walk of fame. :) #hollywood #dodgers #ladodgers #walkoffame (at Hollywood Walk Of Fame)

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